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Commissions are currently: Closed.  

I am available to be commissioned for a wide variety of sculpting projects and have experience working in poly-epoxy putty ('Green Stuff'), clay, computer 3D modelling, and (to a lesser extent) timber. My primary area is in miniature figurines for table-top games and display purposes. Most miniatures I make are in the 28mm or 32mm scale, but I also have experience with larger or smaller figurines. I am happy to do commissions for private individuals or commercial organisations and have done so in the past.

Generally speaking, the types of sculpture service I offer be broken down into four rough categories (click the links for more info):

For examples of my work check out my portfolio and the Store.

Time Frame and Scheduling

Any sculpting project is an involved process that can take a significant amount of time depending on the exact details of the project. In addition, even if commissions are 'open' the process will need to be fit into my existing schedule. Consequently, turnaround time and delivery date will have to be determined on a case-by-case basis during the quotation process.

I will accept inquiries about commissions even when commissions are 'closed', but the client should be aware that their project would have to wait until my schedule opens up again before I could start sculpting work on their project.


Payment for commissions will be handled by either EFT, Paypal or cheque. If these are not practical we are open to discussing other options.

While negotiable, I generally require that half the price be payed before sculpting commences, and the remainder be payed after the client is happy with the finished product but before delivery.


We reserve the right to use any and all images we create of the commissioned piece.

Right of Refusal

I reserve the right to refuse any commission at my own discretion.


I do not offer a painting service per se (almost all of the painting on this site was done by third parties), but I do have a number of miniature painters whom I've used in the past and can recommend, feel free to ask.


Shipping within Australia will be via Australia Post. International shipping will be through Australia Post via Air Mail, to all countries outside Australia. Other delivery options are available (such as registered post or courier) if required.

For any inquired or questions about our commissioning process, please email us at exmanusstudios@gmail.com


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