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I've been in the hobby for years now, and have done more than my fair share of conversions. If you would like to commission a conversion please contact me at exmanusstudios@gmail.com, so we can discuss the details and I can provide you with a quote. There are a few things you should be aware of first.

Size and Scale

While I am most comfortable working at 28mm or 32mm scale, I am happy to create conversions at other scales.


As the final, fully converted piece will certainly, comprise parts from other miniatures there is no potential for re-sale for either Ex Manus or the client. Consequently the rights to the newly sculpted parts (if there are any) are retained by Ex Manus studios.


Like a full sculpting commissions there are a number of different factors that can effect the price of a conversion (such as size, detail, complexity, sourcing parts, creative requirements etc...) and I generally prefer to discuss upfront with the client their requirements before providing a tailored quote. Conversions will generally be significantly less expensive than full, scratch-built sculptures, so long as they are not too complicated.

Sourcing Parts

A conversion is not a conversion unless it uses parts from existing miniatures. The required parts for the conversion will be discussed with the client as part of the quotation process. Generally it would be required that the client provide any necessary parts themselves, however, if necessary I can purchase parts on behalf of my client, or raid my own bits box.


Conversions can take quite a variable amount of time, but, since no mould will be required, can be shipped to the client as soon as they are complete. This can make conversions one of the fastest services we can provide.

So, if you are interested in commissioning a conversion, please contact me at exmanusstudios@gmail.com and we can discuss the details.


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