Dead Earth Gunner


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The Wasteland is a harsh and dangerous place, but It also one of opportunity, and there are many who come seeking the fortune or freedom it offers.

For the followers of the Church of the Dead Earth, The Wasteland is a near sacred place, full of obscure holy sites, and poor souls in need of conversion. And for those unwilling to see the light, there is always the pyre.

This lead-alloy gaming miniature comes with one 25mm round, slotted, plastic base. It includes 2 weapon options and 2 head options, compatible with other miniatures in the ‘Wastelanders‘ collection. It is provided unpainted and requires assembly.

The model is 27mm from feet to eye-line, with an overall height of 38mm.

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Weight18 g
Dimensions38 × 25 × 25 mm






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