Unique 28mm Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming & Collectors

Unique 28mm Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming & Collectors

Welcome to Ex Manus Studios, a new independent miniatures and tabletop gaming company based out of the East Coast of Australia. Owned and operated by Stephen Mason, an enthusiastic hobbyist and sculptor with years of experience making miniatures and figurines for private use and small collectors, Ex Manus aims to produce high-quality, unique miniatures for a wider market.

Our first miniatures line, the Classic Collection, successfully launched on IndieGoGo in November 2013. Launching Ex Manus Studios would not have been possible without the good people who backed our initial campaign. In time, we hope to expand to create all sorts of gaming accessories, and possibly even our own games.

From the Blog

  • Post Cancon 2018
    We had an amazing time at this years CANCON, the biggest and busiest we’ve ever seen it.  It was great to meeting all the awesome folks who stopped by our table, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. There was tons of tournaments and wargaming tables, the huge Boardgames Library, … Read more: Post Cancon 2018
  • After Cancon
    We are back from Cancon 2017, and we had a blast. It was fantastic talking to all the awesome people who dropped by our table, and seeing all the great events & activities. We sold out of a number of items during the convention, and have already begun to restock them (we have some… Read more: After Cancon
  • Cancon 2017!
    2017 has arrived, and with it a whole new year of gaming conventions. First off the rank is Cancon 2017, which was a blast last year, and with all the wargames, card games & board games should be just as much fun this time round. Located in Exhibition Park in Canberra, it runs over… Read more: Cancon 2017!
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