Reclaimer Security


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Of all the factions that vie for control of wealth & territory in the wasteland, only the W.R.E.C. (Wasteland Reclamation & Exploration Commission), commonly known as Reclaimers can claim a connection to the powerful, dynastic CORPs of the distant metropolis know only as The City, a connection that furnishes them with high quality weapons, advanced survival gear and paperwork.

This lead-alloy gaming miniature comes with one 25mm round, slotted, plastic base. It includes 2 head & 2 weapon options, compatible with other miniatures in the ‘Wastelanders‘ collection. It is provided unpainted and requires assembly.

The model is 25mm from feet to eye-line, with an overall height of 28mm.

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Weight9 g
Dimensions29 × 25 × 25 mm






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