Reboot & Re-Blog

Well, in the interests of centralisation, I’ve retired my old blog, and started a new one here; on the Ex-Manus page itself. Not only will it put everything together in the same place, but it should be easier to make regular updates here.

So, what are we going to be doing with this blog I hear you ask? I will be using this space to talk about all sort of things related to the miniatures hobby, like; table-top games (such as RPGs Wargames, and board games), sculpting, conversions, scenery and the companies and industries that support it. Sometimes it may be a tutorial, or review, other times it may be a rambling opinion piece or snippet of history.

We’ll be playing things a little by ear at first, see how it works, but I’m currently planning that there will be at least 2 posts a month (one on the first Monday, and one on the third). I may make more posts than that if the fancy takes me, but they will generally fall on a Monday.

If you are looking for updates to our web-page, new releases, or shots of recently completed sculpts, I’m afraid this is not the right place. For that sort of thing keep an eye on our News feed and Facebook page.

Over and Out.

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