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MOAB 2016

Ex Manus Studios will be attending MOAB 2016

MOAB, Sydney’s awesome, annual tabletop wargaming convention, is on again. Come down this October long weekend for all the miniatures, tournaments, tutorial games, vendors, miniatures, demonstration games, painting, and miniatures! Ex Manus studios will be there as will our good friends Invincible Ink. We are even planing on launching several new miniatures at the convention, so […]

Cancon 2016 Afterword

The Ex Manus Studios table at Cancon 2016

We are back from CANCON and we had an awesome time.  Met tons of awesome people, saw some excellent cosplay, visited the many other excellent trade stands, watched some epic games play on tables with fantastic terrain, and generally had an all-round great time. Sadly, we were unable to do any tweeting over the weekend, […]

Latest Release

Seven new gaming miniatures available from Ex Manus Studios

Our latest releases have just hit the online store. 7 awesome new miniatures have been added covering a variety of genres & collections, including Under the Star, Grim Future, and our first Superhero miniature. Originally previewed on our Facebook page, as well as Pendix’s DA, (and recently Cancon2015) they are now available in glorious, high […]


Armature used in sculpting a tabletop miniature

Hello Again! Sorry about the delay on this Blog post, but we are finally here and just in time (thank goodness for a month with 5 Mondays). This week I’d like to talk about armatures. What are armatures? Think of them as the skeleton within a miniature (or larger sculptures). They are usually made of […]

The Material Question

Miniatures production materials comparison

Pendix here, chief (and only) sculptor of Ex Manus Studios. This week I wanted to talk about the materials we (and by we, I mean the industry) make miniatures out of. This is a subject I’ve seen discussed a lot online, and with my love of miniatures & background in manufacturing, I thought it was […]